Always getting better and making your ski experience even more exciting, Val Thorens has introduced new runs and slopes for the 2016 season.

There’s a debate going on about what constitutes a ski holiday bargain. For many, the answer will be the price – the lower the better. But, to my mind, the answer is a combination of things. Don’t get me wrong, the price is important. But so is what you get for your money.

That’s what makes Val Thorens such a great place for a ski holiday. The facilities are just what you would expect from a first class ski resort. There are plenty of slopes and runs for all skill levels, ski lifts and cable cars, and plenty to do for all those who don’t want to ski or would like to relax after an invigorating day on the snow.

More Fun, More Excitement

Val Thorens offers visitors over 150 kilometres of slopes and runs. They crisscross the resort and skiers of all levels will find plenty of routes that will challenge them and provide the thrills that they seek.

Slopes are colour graded to indicate the skill level necessary to use them.
• The easiest slopes with a gentle gradient suitable for beginner are the green slopes.
• For the intermediate skier and those who want to improve basic skills, the blue runs are perfect.
• Red runs are for the more advanced skier who has greater control. Some red run sections will include quite steep gradients that are great fun but require more skill.
• The black runs are for the expert and advanced skiers. These runs involve steep descents for most of their length and skiers also have to navigate sharp turns and contend with small bumps and hillocks (moguls).
New Slopes for More Fun

Up until now, visitors to Val Thorens have been able to choose from 8 black category runs, 30 red, 29 blue and 11 green slopes. But now, your ski holiday bargain just got a whole lot better. This year, SETAM, the resort’s operators, have taken the stops out by adding a new blue slope and an exciting new red run.

LORY is a new blue category slope in the Orelle ski area. The long slope of over 4,100 metres descends more than 450 meters and provides a great experience for the intermediate skier. It’s the perfect slope to practice on and test your skills. It also takes you through a great bowl (a steep, curved section of the trail) which will test your skill level and provide an extra thrill. To get to the slope, you need to take the Funitel de Thorens to its top station, then start your run back down to Orelle.

PISTE DE LA CHASSE is the new red run in the resort’s Plein Sud sector. The new run carries on from the Pluviom tre run and opens up a whole range of new ski routes and trails across the area. This new run also lets you connect with many of the other runs in the area. One section in particular takes you to Cime Caron with a vertical descent of over 1000 metres!

And just to add a cherry to the cake – the facades of the Funitel de Thorens’ arrival and departure stations as well as the Funitel 3 Vall es arrival station have undergone a facelift that will greet visitors with some memorable designs and decoration.

If you’ve found a ski holiday bargain in Val Thorens or the Three Valleys area , check out these new runs – you won’t regret it!

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