Abortion and Soul Contracts

On my journey of healing abortion I've come to realise that at a Soul level we have a contract with the Soul of our aborted child.

If you're reading this then perhaps you're asking yourself the deeper life questions about abortion at a Soul level.

I left no stone unturned on my quest to ease my pain. There is nothing like pain as a driving force to move you forward to find some kind of peace and healing.

But there's no road map for healing grief and pain and sometimes it feels like seeing in the dark. It's so very individual and because there's no text book it often times feels a very lonely place to be.

What I came to realise is that before I incarnated into this life I made a contract with the Soul of my baby. Now I believe that as we all have free will then I as well as the baby's soul could have changed this contract at any stage.

It might be that we agreed that this other Soul would do an about turn after I was pregnant and so their desire to not incarnate affected my thoughts.

Or it might be that we agreed that this Soul would be my child and then she decided not to enter this world.

Or it might be that I changed my mind and therefore she had to return.

My hunch is that we had an agreement to do this dance of abortion because the level of learning and healing has been life changing for me.

We all have our lessons to learn and abortion has been the area where mine has presented itself.

It wasn't until I went deeper underneath my emotional pain and grief , that I started to find some relief and particularly understanding.

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